This is the fourth installment in a continuing series calling out songs that should be in every horror fan’s running (or exercise) playlist. For this edition, it’s about those blood-sucking “children of the night,” our vampire friends. I’m reaching past some of the more obvious vampire fare here for something hopefully a bit more unexpected.


On with the dark tuneage.  ::



“Omerta / The Vampire Lanois (Instrumental)” — The Afghan Whigs

Most underrated band of the 90s — The Afghan Whigs. This is from their brilliantly produced and composed swan song album release, “1965.” If any band could capture the swagger of the modern sense of the vampire, this band is it. Usually, I shun that modern view of the “sexy” vampire for something more “undead,” but there is an incredible self-awareness in Afghan songs that feels almost sociopathic at times and befits the mindset of one who feeds on humans. I love these guys.



“Walcott” — Vampire Weekend

This band takes its name from a college summer film project that frontman Koenig worked on after watching an 80’s vampire film. This song is another nod to that horror project directly, and it’s fun as all get-out. The film was to tell the story of a man named “Walcott” that was traveling to a small Cape Cod town to warn the mayor that vampires were attacking the U.S. You can see a bit of that in the lyrics :: “Lobster’s claw is sharp as knives / Evil feasts on human lives / The Holy Roman Empire roots for you…” This is an awesome tempo song, so pick up the pace!



“Dracula from Houston” — Butthole Surfers

This one is just a goof, but nothing keeps me going on a run more than a good laugh. I suppose vampires can come from anywhere, so why not Houston? From the album “Weird Revolution.” Put your fist in the air and laugh this one out.


Get out there and do it (he says more for his own benefit than anything)!

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Author: David Edward Johnson

A bit about me :: My name is David Johnson. I'm a senior creative with over 20 years of experience. I am currently serving as the Director of User Experience and Product Design at Inmar. Previously, I have served as the Global Digital Creative Director for Whole Foods Market, several agencies at the VP level and co-owned my own agency in New York for seven years. I love genre film, a full range of music, art, kung fu, TM, design, good food and a great joke. I'm based in Austin, Texas and addicted to BBQ.

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