As you may have read at page right…

Since the days of my youth, I have been fascinated with all things horror. From my earliest experiences huddling in my grandmother’s apartment with the great Universal classics or perched atop my black banana seat riding to monster matinee double features at the neighborhood Riviera Theater, I was hooked. I have started this blog in an attempt to capture that fascination into something tangible.

In the immortal worlds of proto-horror hostess Vampira, “Screaming relaxes me so.” Enjoy!


Who am I?

Besides being a fan of all-things chilling, I am a husband and father here in St. Louis, Missouri. I’m also a VP / Creative Director by title and a designer / concept gent by trade who tries to bring some sense of art to his life. My other great passion is all-things mid-century modern. I love the warmth and style of the Danish Modern style. As I age I find myself seeking simplicity and pushing for more meaning in my work-a-day life.


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